The Pokemon Company is building its own ‘archive and museum’

The Pokemon Company is hiring an archivist to maintain a museum dedicated to Pokemon history, building a repository for materials related to the entire franchise.

“This role will contribute to the creation and development of an internal TPCi corporate archive and museum,” the job listing begins. “This role will work with the Game Data Librarian on the TCG Product Team to perform large scale inventories, write policies, process, catalog, curate and other duties that will establish and grow the first internal archives of the business from scratch.”

The original list, brought to public attention by Vice (opens in a new tab), has now been removed with a message saying “the job you are looking for is no longer open”, hinting that The Pokemon Company has gone through the hiring process further. You can always view the full text of the job description at Nintendo’s life (opens in a new tab).

The list doesn’t give many details about what will be kept in the archive, but “TCG samples” will be one of them. The archive will include both “digital repositories” and the archivist will assist in “building the internal physical repository with knowledge of archival standards and best practices”.

While Pokemon is bigger than its video games, organizations like the Video Game History Foundation aim to preserve not only the video games themselves, but also the development and marketing materials that tell the story of their development and their impact. Companies have always done a poor job of maintaining their own stories, so it’s good to see The Pokemon Company starting to maintain its own internal archives.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are on the way this year, and the leaks are again claiming to have details of what to expect.

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