The State Judicial Deontology Court decides to dismiss the inheritance judge

Extract from The Tribune staff reports

TALLADEGA COUNTY – A state judicial ethics tribunal has ruled that an Alabama estates judge will be removed from his post after being accused of making racist remarks and creating a hostile work environment.

Talladega County Estates Judge Randy Jinks (Photo courtesy of

According to NBC News’ Erik Oritz, the Alabama Judicial Court ruled that Estates Judge Randy Jinks, 65, of Talladega County “violated several of the state’s judicial ethics canons, guidelines ordering judges defend the honor of the judiciary, maintain decorum and avoid irregularities.

Jinks was suspended in the spring of 2021 over more than 100 allegations first described in a 78-page document released in March by the Judicial Inquiry Commission.

The commission’s complaint detailed accusations of racist and sexist conversations that employees claim to have initiated by Jinks, including pornography and a video of a woman doing a striptease. Some of the employees alleged that Jinks also disparaged remarks about George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement, the blacks who entered the office and the only black employee in the office, a clerk.

“Although the complaint alleges’ racist behavior ‘, this court is of the opinion that Judge Jinks’ conduct has gone beyond racial insensitivity,” said the court in its final judgment, which also ordered Jinks to pay the charges. costs of the proceedings.

Jinks was not charged with making offensive statements while presiding from the bench, but rather in the office, in the workplace and among employees. The Court of Justice also found that Jinks did not violate the rules of ethics in all of the allegations made in the complaint.

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