The youth employment system facilitates the process of hiring minors; WWPL one of the many benefiting from the new law • Current edition

Westfield Chamber of Commerce executive director Steve Latour believes the new youth employment system can only help businesses in need.

Senate Law 409 exempts work permits for underage employees and requires employers who employ five or more minors under the age of 18 to begin registering such employees in the Ministry of Labor’s new youth employment system. Indiana, or YES. A total of 91 Westfield employers have registered so far. The law came into force on July 1. The system went live on June 1, which was earlier than originally planned, to give employers who meet the criteria of the new law time to create accounts and start using the system by July 1.

“All of the businesses in Westfield tell us that there is a real shortage (of) available staff, so having this option is just one more tool in the toolkit that allows businesses to reach and reach all types of people. invite you to apply for every kind of job imaginable, ”said Latour.

Latour said the previous process was relatively easy, but there were several steps and documents were needed to go through the schools.

“It takes a few steps away and allows someone to go through the application process, get interviewed and then be hired relatively quickly instead of having to wait a week or two before to get all the paperwork in order,” said Latour. “I think helps, anothing that removes a barrier that keeps someone from thinking they have to go through this whole big process to get hired. Those younger in high school are just excited about the job. They don’t necessarily realize the paperwork involved.

Latour said part-time retail or restaurant jobs generally offer the kind of flexibility students need to work after school or on weekends.

“The fast food industry, restaurants and some of the activity type jobs have the potential to hire kids in high school,” Latour said.

One organization using the new law is the Westfield Washington Public Library. Library pages, ages 14-18, sort and organize library items and assist patrons.

Being able to hire minors is great, because for the tasks they do we only require them to be here a few hours a day, and that sort of schedule wouldn’t be ideal for an older person looking for a time. working hard, ”said Sara Reitmeyer Perry, WWPL Children’s Library Assistant. “Indiana Department Labor’s youth employment system is excellent for employers and their employees because it is much more efficient. This eliminates the need for minors to bring physical documents to schools for signing, which can cause delays in hiring. We also have home schooled students and online school students so the new YES system is good because you don’t have to figure out what could be different to get the permit signed in a situation like this. .


Latour said several restaurant had to close earlier or shorten hours due to understaffing.

“They have labor for the back of the house, the kitchen, but they don’t have the labor for run the registry out front, so they’re looking at the drive-thru at limited dining hours, ”Latour said. “I can think of at least a dozen businesses in Westfield that have had to adjust their hours or change things over the past six months to try to accommodate the shortage we have with manpower.

Layla Ouldnouri, 16, tidies up books at the Westfield Washington Public Library. (Photos by Anna Skinner)

An overview of the new law on the youth employment system

The change in the law was made during the Indiana General Assembly legislative session in 2020, and most of the changes came into effect in 2020, with the exception of eliminating work permits and of the new registration system. According to the Indiana Department of Labor, these have been delayed to give schools, the Youth Employment Bureau and employers time to adequately prepare for the change.

Michael Myers, Director of Indiana Department of the Labor Office for Youth Employment, said a broad outreach effort had been made to inform employers of the change.

“Once an employer creates the company profile, all they need to do is enter the minor’s name, age and date of hire,” Myers said. “The registration of minors only takes about two minutes, and employers can access the registration application through a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

In the event of termination of employment, the employer must delete the information relating to the minor from the register of active employees YES. The employer has three working days to complete each action.

Schools will continue to have the ability to monitor which employers are hiring underage employees in their communities through YES and can request public information in the system specific to their students. This will allow schools to continue to work with employers to balance a student’s employment with their education. charges throughout the school year.

The YES requirement has no impact on the state’s working hours requirement for minors. All employers must always comply with restrictions on working hours for adolescents and restrictions on prohibited and dangerous occupations for minors.

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