These are the fastest growing occupations in Southeast Michigan, according to this new report

A recent analysis released by the Detroit Area Aerotropolis revealed some labor force trends in the region and, in short, its findings showed that there are many job opportunities in the area.

Here are some highlights of the analysis.

What are the fastest growing occupations in Wayne and Washtenaw Counties?

The fastest growing occupation in Washtenaw and Wayne counties is freight and freight agents, which grew 226.1%. Transportation, warehousing and distribution managers (222.47%) and logisticians (201.74%) also experienced strong growth. All of these areas have nearly doubled in growth since 2010.

How many Aerotropolis employees commute out of the region for work?

A lot, according to the report, which found that 79.9% of employed Aerotropolis residents commute out of the area for work.

More than a quarter (26.7%) of those employed in the local Aerotropolis region travel 25 miles or more from home to work. Of these, 13.7% travel more than 80 kilometres.

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Detroit Region Aerotropolis hopes the development of 8 to 10 million square feet of retail space over the next five years will help reverse the trend.

What is the evolution of gains and location quotients at Aerotropolis?

The concentration (as defined by location quotient) of motor vehicle parts manufacturing in Aerotropolis fell from 7.64 in 2010 to 9.07, which is more concentrated than in the broader Southeast region of Michigan and around the country.

Similarly, metalworking machinery manufacturing and non-scheduled air transport are very high, with location quotients from 5.76 and 1.98 in 2010 to 17.58 and 12.08 in 2021.

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