Thomas Tuchel quizzes Premier League on owners’ ‘ethics and morals’ ahead of Chelsea sale deadline

Thomas Tuchel has admitted it is fair to question the Premier League owners and directors test ahead of the week who could decide who will take control of Chelsea.

Bidders have until Friday to submit their bids for Chelsea, with potential new owners needing to get the green light from the government and the Premier League to buy the club from Stamford Bridge.

Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the government last week following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while Sunday’s Chelsea opponents Newcastle United were re-examined after 81 executions in Saudi Arabia, who are involved in a war with Yemen.

Some Newcastle fans displayed Saudi flags inside Stamford Bridge, while there were second-half chants for Abramovich from some of the Chelsea supporters.

Three American-led outfits, Todd Boehly, the Ricketts family and Woody Johnson, are leading the way in the bid for Chelsea, while British businessman Nicky Candy has publicly shown interest after watching the club win over Newcastle .

“At some point we have to trust the process, the league process to control who owns a club,” said Chelsea head coach Tuchel. “We are celebrity employees because we speak on camera and on TV, but in general we are just employees and have to trust the process.

“Like you have to trust the process when you work for a company that does things that are ethically and morally wrong. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves questions about the process, how it happens. It may be an ongoing process and it will never end, and it just reminds us to be aware and aware of it and not look away.

Asked about the executions in Saudi Arabia and the questions it raised for Newcastle, Tuchel added: “It’s a big problem and unfortunately the situation is like that for the owners of Newcastle too.

“But I don’t want to point fingers because comparing ourselves or blaming others doesn’t make the situation for us any different. The statement that we condemn the war and Russia’s action towards Ukraine is beyond doubt. But we’re dealing with the consequences right now and that’s where the focus is.

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe was also asked about the executions in Saudi Arabia and he said: “I’m just going to take questions about the game and the football.”

Candy pushes the bid with a pregame statement

Sources close to fellow American businessman Antony Ressler have steered him clear of information linking him with a bid for Chelsea, although it is understood his investment firm Ares Management has offered to provide funding for groups vying for European champions.

Former Liverpool chairman Sir Martin Broughton has also spoken to the parties about joining a bid to buy Chelsea, the club he backs, but is unlikely to be able to fund his own bid.

Candy continued to publicly push his own candidacy, stopping to speak to TV cameras outside Stamford Bridge and releasing a pre-match statement via a spokesperson who said he would guarantee representation for fans to the board as part of any offer he makes. It is unclear, however, if the 49-year-old made an offer or if he managed to find the money to do so.

A spokesperson for Candy said: “We welcome the announcement that the sale of the club will take place quickly. It’s a reassuring development for fans after a week of great uncertainty.

“Mr Candy cares deeply about the future of the club and believes that the fans and the community are central to its continued success. If successful, Mr Candy would advocate for a fan representative to join the Board of Directors. administration so that supporters are part of the decision-making process.

“If the club needs money to operate in the short term, Mr Candy would be happy to help ensure it has the necessary financial resources, subject to government approval.”

Cech confirms that Tuchel’s contract remains valid

Whichever group is successful in their bid to buy Chelsea, Tuchel has been assured he won’t leave the club until the end of the season. “Me? If I stay until the end of the season? Of course, there is no doubt that I will stay until the end of the season. Absolutely,” he said.

On the status of the takeover and the restrictions imposed by Chelsea following the sanctions imposed on Abramovich, Tuchel added: “We just have to wait day to day because everything can change. The club is for sale and hopefully he will go all the way to sort things out and give us perspective. But that’s pure speculation and I don’t have any new information that you already have, and that’s what I meant by day in and day out.

Technical and performance adviser Petr Cech, who watched the win over Newcastle alongside director Marina Granovskaia, confirmed that Chelsea had checked that Tuchel’s contract remained valid, but were careful not to give assurances.

Cech said: “He is under contract until 2024, we were told the contract would be valid and I hope we will have him as a coach because he has been great, but things change and tomorrow my answer may not not be relevant.

“We have to admit that we can only go from day to day, it’s not in our hands, conversations are going on about how we can finish the season. I think if we could continue, that would also help everyone in the Premier League.”

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