Tribal members oppose land ‘occupation’ in Tirah Valley

TIRAH: Elders from various Afridi tribes and political leaders staged a protest on Friday and vowed not to allow security forces to “occupy” their lands in the Maidan area of ​​the scenic Tirah Valley in the district Khyber tribe.

Addressing a gathering in the Bar Bagh Maidan area in the Tirah Valley, they alleged that their precious lands and hills in Tirah and Bara had been illegally occupied.

A former Federal Minister Hameedullah Jan Afridi, Chairman of Bara Tehsil Mufti Kafeel, Head of Local Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Shamsuddin Afridi, Head of Jamaat Islami Khan Wali Afridi, Head of Union Khyber Murad Saqi Afridi, the president of Qambar Qaumi Saeedullah Afridi, journalist and writer Munsif Ali Khan, elders and others were present on the occasion.

They said the security forces wanted to establish a camp at the top of Bhutan Shareef hill at Bar Qambarkhel in the Tirah Valley, which was located right in the middle of the population, adding that given tribal traditions and customs, a such a camp would cause inconvenience to the residents.

“We will help the government and the security forces if they choose a piece of land in the remote areas for the camp,” said one of the elders.

Stakeholders said residences and picnic areas should be returned to owners. They said they were peaceful members of the tribe and would never want to harm the peaceful environment of the area.

Speakers said tribal peoples had made unparalleled sacrifices during militancy and supported security forces during these testing times.

They challenged the claim of arresting disbelievers in the area.

Speakers argued that the government had occupied many peaks and public properties without the consent of local people. The elders said that they had already ceded many important places for the establishment of camps and checkpoints earlier, but they did not want a camp right in the middle of the population because it would disturb the locals. .

They suggested that arrangements be made in remote areas to establish camps and that people be compensated for the land they have acquired.

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