Turkish occupation mercenaries launch military operations against groups refused Turkish orders – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Violent clashes are taking place between groups of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army in villages and neighborhoods in the canton of Afrin occupied since yesterday, Friday.

The mercenaries of Al-Jabaha Al-Shamias took control of the villages of Jouqa, Darkreh and the whole district of Mobata after violent clashes with the mercenaries of Hamzat and expelled them from these villages.

Sources have confirmed that the mercenaries of the so-called Al-Jabaha Al-Shamia are preparing to launch a military operation against the mercenaries of the Sultan Suleiman Shah division, known as Al-Amshat, in the villages of the district of Shih.

According to the sources, preparations are underway to take control of the village of Kakhreh in the Mobata district and the three villages of Jaqla in the Shiite district, from the villages of Mastaka and Aranda in the Shiite district, which are controlled. by the mercenaries of Al-Jabaha Al-Shamia, amid the silence and anticipation of the Turkish occupation army.

These changes come after the withdrawal of the mercenaries of the so-called “Hamzat – Suqur al-Shamal – Sultan Suleiman Shah Division” from the operations room (Al-Azm) established by the Turkish secret service, which includes all mercenary factions.

And the mercenaries of Al-Jabaha Al-Shamia recently imposed a curfew in the district of Mobata, after taking control of the district, amid a big military alert from the groups of mercenaries in this district, the tension persistent in the region.



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