Ukrainian Culture Minister finds Emily in Paris “offensive” for stereotyping Ukrainians – Film & TV

Viewers rave about the very American Emilie in Paris but not everyone is happy. Ukrainian Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko is unhappy with the way the show has highlighted stereotypes of Ukrainians living in Europe or abroad.

The hit Netflix show stars a character named Petra who befriends Emily in order to shoplift and make her an ally in order to steal even more.

According to BBC, Tkachenko filed a complaint with Netflix and said: “in Emilie in Paris, we have a cartoonish image of a Ukrainian woman that is unacceptable. It is also insulting. He shared his take on the series via his official Telegram channel just days after the world premiere of the second season. “On the other hand, it’s also offensive. Will Ukrainians be seen as such abroad? Who steals, wants to get everything for free, is afraid of deportation? It shouldn’t be, “he wrote.

Tkachenko also mentioned that he watched the first season and that for him it was “a pretty good entertainment series”. According to a Ukrainian publication, the minister has already obtained a “diplomatic response” from the streaming giant. Netflix assured Tkachenko that “Ukrainian viewers’ concerns about the image of Ukrainian women have been heard. It has been agreed that in 2022 we will be in closer contact to avoid such cases.”

The new season kicked off with Emily (Lily Collins), “the American” who has come to Paris and struggles to assimilate to Parisians and their different sets of rules, work ethic and even boundaries. Emily sympathizes with her friend’s boyfriend Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and lives with the guilt of cheating on her best friend.

She enrolled in a French course where she met Petra (Daria Panchenko) with whom she later became friends.

This is not the first time that we have seen stereotypes find their way into Emilie in Paris. The first season also featured a Serbian model promoting Maison Lavaux’s De L’Heure fragrance and who, after being interviewed by Emily, shared a lot about wanting to be rich. Serbs in general had to be dug because of their economic rank and their desire to be rich.

In fact, stereotypes play a big part in the show, being the beret Emily wears or the portrayal of the French chain smoking and casually cheating behind their partners’ backs. However, Collins had said in an interview with Elle United Kingdom that the show will be more “inclusive and diverse”.

Much to everyone’s dismay, the second season hasn’t given up on its stereotypical approach and even has a new character Alfie – a Briton who enjoys spending most of his day in the pub watching football.

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