Unity, resistance only way to fight the Israeli occupation, foil its plots

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says that only through unity and resilience can Palestinians fight the Israeli occupation and foil its plots.

Hamas made the comments in a statement issued on the 55th anniversary of the “Naksa” (retreat), a term used by Palestinians to describe Israel’s occupation of eastern Al-Quds, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967.

“A global resistance is the only way to regain our Palestinian rights and liberate our land and sacred places. The resistance has proven its ability to unite our Palestinian people in all their abodes, curb the occupation and repel enemy aggression,” the resistance movement said.

Hamas also stressed the importance of achieving national unity and true partnership in accordance with a program of resistance to protect and defend national rights and holy sites.

“The crimes of the occupation, its massacres and the continued aggression against our land, our people and our holy places, especially Jerusalem [al-Quds] and the Aqsa Mosque, will not bring them security or purported sovereignty over an inch of our land or succeed in breaking the will and determination of our people to continue their legitimate struggle for their national rights,” the statement continued.

Hamas noted that the Israeli regime, after seven decades of “its brutal occupation of our historic land”, has begun to see it disappear, doubt the future of its existence and the departure of its settlers from the occupied Palestinian territories, in because of its fear of the steadfast Palestinians of al-Quds and the heroism of their youth across the occupied West Bank.

The Gaza-based resistance movement has also called on Arab countries that have already normalized relations with the Tel Aviv regime to reverse the so-called “normalization path”.

Hamas said such a course is “in the wrong direction which only serves the agenda of the occupation by intensifying its terrorism against our Palestinian people, their land and their sanctuaries.”

He concluded that “the duty to liberate Palestine and end the occupation is not only a Palestinian responsibility”, stressing however that it is also the duty of all Muslims around the world.

Hamas called for the formation of an Arab and Islamic front that “supports and strengthens the stability of our people in their land, and supports their steadfastness in their legitimate struggle until the end of the occupation.”

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