UP Phase-V poll today; Stray cattle, key employment issues: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Vibha Sharma

Ayodhya/Gorakhpur, February 26

As Uttar Pradesh votes tomorrow to decide the fate of 692 candidates in 61 Phase V constituencies, unemployment is among the top election issues, observers say.

692 candidates

61 constituencies

Districts heading to the polls on Sunday include Sultanpur, Chitrakoot, Pratapgarh, Kaushambi, Prayagraj, Barabanki, Bahraich, Shravasti, Gonda, Amethi (once a Congress stronghold) and Ayodhya.

End of canvassing, Manipur votes tomorrow

Imphal: The months-long campaign for the first phase of Manipur’s elections ended on Saturday as voting in the state will take place on Monday for 38 of the 60 seats. PTI

Constituencies heading to the polls in Phase V include Allahabad, now Prayagraj, and its neighboring townships where thousands of students from backward Purvanchal districts are studying in training centers to fulfill their aspiration of landing government jobs.

CM Yogi Adityanath’s stronghold, Gorakhpur, which votes in Phase VI, is the region’s only major center for educational and medical facilities.

It welcomes thousands of young people from Purvanchal who study in the B Ed and BTC colleges. There are several coaching centers in Gorakhpur promising a bright future.

According to Anand Rai, a political observer in Gorakhpur, most of the students belong to lower middle class or middle class families who cannot afford to send their children to medical training centers and colleges or colleges. expensive engineering, or in big cities, and for whom finding a job is the priority in life

“They are angry. This manifests in several memes regarding paper leaks, allegations of irregularities in recruitment and lathicharges on job seekers,” he says.

“Local issues have taken a back seat and issues such as employment, inflation, stray cattle and the old pension scheme have taken precedence. The promise of the Samajwadi party to restore the old pension scheme if elected to power attracts government employees from the UP,” he adds.

Whether it is the ruling party or the opposition, employment has been at the center of the campaigns of all political formations. Against opposition criticism, Adityanath claimed his government had provided more jobs than the previous two dispensations.

Throughout his campaign, SP’s Akhilesh Yadav urged people to defeat the BJP which, he said, “has increased corruption and taken away jobs from the youth”. Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi also denounced Adityanath on the issue while accusing the Center of “destroying trade and business with ill-conceived policies”.

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