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PHOTO CREDIT: State of Washington

Remember last summer when the state acted like Oprah and gave price people to get vaccinated? “You get a game system!” “You get tuition!” “You win the lottery !”

My teenagers were disappointed that it didn’t work for me. It did for others. Washington State donated over $2 million in prizes as incentives for Washingtonians to get their COVID-19 shot before the state “reopens”. It included a million dollar grand prize called the “Photo of a Lifetime”. All you had to do to enter the contest was be a resident of the state and try your luck.

I was reminded of state corruption activity in 2021 when reading a press release from the governor’s office last week. He said the governor was updating his directive that boosters would be added to his vaccination mandate. Instead of requiring the boosters, the press release explained: “The updated guideline reflects feedback and recommendations from state employees and labor partners to research options to offer incentives for COVID-19 boosters instead of making it a requirement.

A June 30 Inslee Directive made the mandate permanent and added a recall requirement for new and current employees of executive and small practice agencies. This is the directive that has been updated. The Office of Financial Management (OFM) is said to be negotiating with the unions and further information is said to be pending regarding the incentives and their implementation. Read more on my blog here.

Prices and incentives – not patient-centric healthcare decisions

Given what we now know about COVID-19 and the limitations of vaccines, some people are calling the governor’s term and booster add-on a thinly veiled political test. Although vaccines and boosters help fight serious illnesses, after all, they do not stop the spread or contraction of illness.

Whether or not these terms of employment are some kind of political test, it is troubling that nothing stopped Inslee from insisting on its outdated vaccine mandate before this pressure from the workforce – not the outcry from the workers. who lost their careers and not our delinquent state service levels. Instead of patient-centered healthcare decisions about COVID-19, made between doctors and patients, we have expensive and coercive state giveaways.

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