“Wages, not jobs, will be Michigan’s challenge”

Lou glazer

TWP of ELBE. – The Lapeer County Economic Club hosted a luncheon for its members and guests at the Lapeer County Club on Thursday with guest speaker Lou Glazer, president and co-founder of Michigan Future, Inc.

Michigan Future, Inc. (MFI) is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization with a stated mission to be a source of new ideas on how Michigan can succeed as a world-class community in an economy-driven economy. the knowledge. His work is funded by Michigan foundations. Prior to joining MFI, Glazer served as Deputy Director of the Michigan Department of Commerce during the Blanchard administration. He received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Michigan.

Glazer, who spoke to the group virtually via the Zoom platform, presented data on Michigan jobs, wages and household income compiled in 2019. Among his findings based on that data were: “Wages, not jobs, will be Michigan’s fundamental challenge once the economy is fully reopened. Glazer pointed out that building Michigan’s middle class families through higher paying jobs will improve the state’s overall economy.

Participants at Thursday's Economic Club of Lapeer lunch watched a speech by Lou Glazer (via the Zoom platform), president and co-founder of Michigan Future, Inc. Photo by Wes Smith

Participants at Thursday’s Economic Club of Lapeer lunch watched a speech by Lou Glazer (via the Zoom platform), president and co-founder of Michigan Future, Inc. Photo by Wes Smith

Glazer said the companies and industry that support these higher-paying jobs will be drawn to Michigan by the right talent – workers with a skill set of what he called the “6 C’s”: collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creativity and confidence. . “The job market increasingly rewards generalist skills, not technical skills,” said Glazer.

Glazer has also advocated for prioritizing the creation of spaces to retain and attract workers who have these 6C skills.

Glazer pointed out that Minnesota was a Great Lakes state that has succeeded in prioritizing education that develops the 6Cs as well as creating places. This state, Glazer said, has focused and spent more on higher education and “infrastructure amenities” such as public transportation, parks and the arts.

“The creation of places must be on the agenda of every economic developer,” he said. Part of solving the Michigan and Lapeer County talent attraction puzzle, Glazer said, is keeping our native talent. “What our community needs to be like for our children to want to live here when they leave school,” said Glazer.

The Lapeer County Economic Club, hosted by the Lapeer Development Corporation, is a networking group made up of business, industry, education, and citizen leaders from Lapeer County who share a common interest in economic development. The club meets for lunch with guest speakers about six times a year. The club’s next luncheon will be on October 14 at the Lapeer Country Club with renowned Michigan State University guest speaker, professor and economist Charles Ballard. For more information on Economic Club membership and programs, contact the LDC by phone at 810-667-0080, by email at [email protected] or visit their website at www.lapeerdevelopment.com.

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