What’s Your Business: Meet Realtor Jessica Moore

Meet: Jessica Moore – Real Estate Agent at Leonard & Newland Real Estate Services

Education: Graduated from Newcomerstown High School 2000

School of Real Estate: Hondros College

Newcomerstown office location: 117 W. Main Street

Telephone: 330-447-0670

Facebook: Jessica Moore – Leonard & Newland Real Estate Services

Email: [email protected]

Jessica, please tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your career with Leonard & Newland Real Estate Services.

“I’m a country girl and grew up just outside Newcomerstown, the daughter of Greg and Robin Hart. When I was young, I was always outside playing and getting dirty, thus enjoying nature to the fullest. In middle and high school, I participated in school activities including cross country, track and field, choir, and especially enjoyed being part of the groups that as students went out in the community and entertained the locals with Christmas carols or raking leaves for those who were not able to do it on their own. Helping people is important to me, and something that has grown over the years, especially as an adult. I am married to Joe Moore, co-owner of Triple J Investment Brothers, and we have a daughter Erin Garretson. She will bless us with our first grandchild in a few weeks, Joe and I continue to live in the country, and when we have free time we spend it on the porch smelling the fresh air or looking after our dogs. , ducks and goats, as well as long walks on our 21 acre mini-farm.

“Real estate was a career I had often thought about, but I also wanted the timing to be right. My daughter Erin was very involved in sports and school activities, and I didn’t want to miss any of her events. COVID hit, I was working in human resources for an oil company and was fired with very little chance of being called back to work. Last a very long time, and the urge to work again was constantly in my mind. mind Erin was an adult at that time, and a member of Sheet Metal Union # 33, so I decided now was the time to fulfill my dream of becoming a real estate agent. My next step was to to attend Hondros for my education and training, thus starting my new career at Leonard & Newland in February 2021. A very important piece of advice from a successful colleague was to take the plunge, and I took that to heart, which has allowed to close 18 properties since then and winning the “R ookie of the Year Award” from the Leonard & Newland banquet recently held to honor their associates. “

What kind of services do you offer your clients as a real estate agent for Leonard & Newland Real Services?

“I am a very passionate and sincere real estate agent. My goal is to find an ideal seller to buy his property, as well as help find the perfect property for a client to buy. I’m someone who will show you 50 properties until we find the right one for you. My goal is your goal. While I think I am very receptive to raising a concern that I may see with any posting, there is always a home inspection. As a dedicated advocate for my clients; I want to be there for this leg of the trip as well. I always attend the review and stay on site for a consultation with both the inspector and my clients, so that I can be available for questions and to explain any findings. This is just one more way to offer you the full range of my real estate expertise. I pride myself on being always accessible to clients, and if you want to meet today; We can do it. I also have lots of real estate listings in the surrounding counties so if you are planning to move away from Tuscarawas County we can explore those possibilities together.

What would you like to highlight for us?

“I am delighted to be working for Leonard and Newland. It is truly a blessing to be associated with a business founded on faith and where myself and other Realtors are valued and held on a pedestal. Praying with my colleagues is something I cherish, and I praise God every day for this opportunity to help people with one of the most important decisions they will make in their lives.

“When the transaction is final, I hope clients will tell others that they were happy with the whole experience and recommend me to others in need of real estate services. do and what I like.

“I’ll mention one challenge we’re facing right now is that homes could sell out in just 2-3 hours with the current market. With that in mind, I’ll be totally honest with you about how quickly I think a Ad Might Go Out of Market I also recommend getting pre-approved for your loan, but financing is also an area where I can help ensure you have the best options for your particular situation.

“A lot of my sales and new listings come from referrals through my very first few months in real estate. Additionally, I have many clients from my hometown who have known myself and my family for many years. My mom and dad families have loved and stayed in Newcomerstown for generations. I consider Newcomerstown to be my home, and I wish nothing but great things for our little village. I would love to see more activities for the kids, including groups of Christmas carols and leaf raking like I did when I was a teenager, and eventually become closer as a community.

“Some of my greatest joys associated with selling real estate come from seeing the pictures my clients send me of bringing a baby home to a house that I have sold them, or the step by step progression of a renovation I aspire to present a forever home to everyone I sell properties to, but I am always there if that changes for any reason as families grow and shrink as the kids leave the house. nest.

“I am honest, honest and self-motivated. I will answer all your questions, and if I do not know the answer, I will consult my colleagues to find the answer. I study, I know the market, and will strive to do make your dream home a reality. Work ethic and tenacity are traits passed down through my family, and my personality speaks for itself – I am a real people person.

“I thank God every day for the blessings He has bestowed on my life. Recently Jeff Leonard, Leonard Newland co-owner and real estate agent asked me what I thought my success in real estate was attributed to, and my The answer was God I would like to I also like to express my gratitude to God for bringing Joe into my life when he and I were playing on the same T-ball team as the kids.

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