Who’s the best chef’s stew on the lower deck?

In 2013, Bravo published Under the bridge, a reality show focused on the lives of those who work on mega yachts. Everyone from the captain to the chef to the chief hostesses was introduced, as fans learned about their work and the ups and downs that come with it. One of the highest roles on the ship is that of stew chef. The chief stews are in charge of a team of people for the interior of the vessel. Everything from cleaning to laundry, taking drink orders, delivering food and beyond, falls under their job description.

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Since Under the bridge early on, Bravo added two spinoffs to the series, Under the Mediterranean bridge and under the sailing yacht bridge. Each show has the same premises and the same job titles. However, each person hired as a stew chef in that particular season is different from the next.

8 Jenna MacGillivary: Parsifal III (Season 1 – Sailing Below Bridge)

Jenna McGillivary in a promotional photo for Below Deck

Jenna MacGillivray was in Season 1 of Sailing yacht under the bridge. Over the course of the season, Jenna has spent most of her time trying to earn Chef Adam’s affection rather than her job. And when Jenna focused on her crew, she was demanding and petty.

His behavior towards flight attendant Georgia, in particular, was particularly criticized by fans. Jenna laughed to make her cry and would later run into the kitchen to tell Adam all the drama that was going on. Many viewers felt that Jenna was more focused on Adam than being a good leader for her team, which is why she is the lowest ranked stew.

7 Adrienne Gang: Honor (Season 1 – Under the Bridge)

The first season of Under the bridge had Adrienne Gang as Chief Stew. Like many others on this list, she was serious and serious, but unlike the others, she didn’t take the time to become friendly with the team. When it comes to decorating and making guests’ time on board memorable and special, Adrienne hasn’t gone beyond like some of the other stews on this list.

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Adrienne chose not to return as Chef Stew in Season 2, but she made a cameo guest appearance. She joined Ohana with a group of friends where she now got to see how her former staff worked without her. In one scene, Eddie saw her on the beach and literally swam to the ship to hide from her.

6 Francesca Rubi: My Seanna (Season 8 – Under the Bridge)

It is an unpopular opinion to have liked Francesca Rubi as Chief Stew in the eighth season. She had an ongoing conflict with flight attendant Elizabeth Frankini all season and it never got better.

As the leader of the ship, many felt that Francesca should have taken the time to teach Elizabeth what she expected instead of yelling at her constantly. To make matters worse, Francesca wasn’t the uplifting leader the inside needed. She often spoke behind the crew’s back and was not good at handling a group of people. Due to her lazy management style, she wasn’t the best chief stew in the franchise.

5 Bugsy Drake: The Wellington (Season 5 – Under Deck Med.)

Christine “Bugsy” Drake was originally featured as the second stew in Season 2 of Under the Mediterranean Bridge. Hannah Ferrier was his chief stew in Season 2, but the roles changed in Season 5. It was thanks to Bugsy that fans learned how important the little details are when it comes to keeping kids entertained. guests.

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In Season 5, Hannah was fired as Chief Stew, and Bugsy was promoted to fill her position. Bugsy could have panicked and ruined the next charter by being disorganized, but she surprised everyone and stole the show. She was fair, organized and made guests a priority. His only downside was that he was not very bossy or open with the crew.

4 Hannah Ferrier: Multiple Ships (Seasons 1 – 5 – Under the Med Bridge)

Hannah Ferrier was the first Chief Stews that fans were introduced to on Under the Med bridge. And while she wasn’t always the most positive or sympathetic, Hannah was great at her job and knew exactly what to do in every situation. There wasn’t a demand from the guests that Hanna couldn’t handle. However, like many chef stews, Hannah had her flaws.

She had a few boat trips that caught fire and caused her anxiety. She also hit her head with Captain Sandy and didn’t always communicate well when she didn’t get along well with other stews. But despite her shortcomings, Hannah was dedicated to her job.

3 Kate Chastain: Multiple Ships (Seasons 1 – 6 – Under Deck)

Kate Chastain was one of the oldest chief stews in the series. Her witty feedback and dry sense of humor are what made Kate loved by fans, but was she the best Chief Stew? Kate always maintained her professionalism when she was with guests and knew how to handle unruly situations. Instead of accepting poor work from her stews, she helped them improve because it made the job easier for her in return. She was a real manager.

When Kate left the show, she was part of two other shows which Under the bridge fans would like, Galley Talking and Bravo Chat.

2 Daisy Kelliher: Parsifal III (Season 2 – Sailing under the bridge)

The second season of Sailing yacht under the bridge had Daisy Kelliher as Chief Stew. Daisy did not have an easy task, especially with all the rides that went on on the boat during the season. In fact, this is how Daisy handled all the rides that made her such a great leader.

She stayed out of the relationship drama and never tried to start a relationship with anyone on the boat. She kept her mind focused on the job and was a good leader for Dani and Ali. It’s because she didn’t get involved in the little drama that she was such a great chef’s stew.

1 Katie Flood: Lady Michelle (Season 6 – Under Med Bridge)

Under Med Katie Flood Bridge

Katie Flood is new to the show and is in her first season on the show, but she’s one of the best Chief Stews. She has a ton of experience, has worked on multiple vessels, and has handled multiple stews. With Hannah leaving in Season 5, fans had questions about who was going to lead the inside in Season 6, but they were pleasantly surprised by Katie. She is honest and open with the captain and his stews, she also has a great relationship with the chef and those on the deck.

Katie’s only flaw is when she questions her own decisions, but when she follows her instincts she’s a great manager. As entertaining and beloved as Hannah and Kate were, Katie has a great balance between working hard and being nice to those she works with.

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