Why Jalen Hurts takes full responsibility for Eagles stench vs. Cowboys, likens loss to a saddle

ARLINGTON, Texas – Jalen Hurts couldn’t have asked for a better setup. He got the look he wanted from the Dallas Cowboys defense and threw the ball deep down the straight sideline to ward off Jalen Reagor. The wide receiver beat defensive back Anthony Brown by one step on his way to the end zone.

Unfortunately for Reagor and Hurts, the ball fell about a foot off shore, into the hands of Brown, who jumped out to intercept the pass in the Eagles’ first set of what would become a resounding 41-21 victory for the Eagles. Cowboys.

“I missed it,” Hurts said after the game. “I didn’t throw it far enough. I didn’t do my job.

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Hurts’ performance on Monday left a lot to be desired. He held the ball too long on much of the Eagles’ passes and threw two interceptions – including a pick-six – after going without a turnover in his first two starts of the year.

While a rubbish touchdown inflated his stats and helped him finish with a passable 86.1 passer rating, Hurts looked outdone for most of the night.

“I didn’t execute, I didn’t do a good enough job of leading; I didn’t handle our attack well enough, I didn’t do what I had to do. Hurts said. “So this one is on me.”

But while Hurts was quick to point fingers, the blame game in a busted loss should never be about a single guy. The Eagles used their running backs on just three carries, took 13 penalties for 86 yards and allowed 34 runs in defense.

It was a team loss, but Hurts still took the burden for himself.

“Obviously, we all know that’s not true,” center Jason Kelce said. “Whenever you are beaten like this, it is [on] Everybody. Losses like this don’t just happen because of one guy. But this is how you would expect Jalen Hurts to feel.

Hurts likened the loss to a saddle after the game. While a trip to the AT&T stadium restroom might have left a better impression on Eagles fans on the go than that loss, Hurts is hoping to shake off that loss like the crappy performance it was.

“When you take your tie, you don’t sit there and watch it,” Hurts said. “You rinse it off and move on. “

Ultimately, Hurts is a competitor and a leader. Taking the brunt of poor team performance is sort of in his job description, although some quarterbacks aren’t quick to follow through on that kind of responsibility.

However, while Hurts’ self-awareness and sense of responsibility is commendable, his words will mean nothing if he and the offense don’t learn from their mistakes and improve.

“I totally own this,” said Hurts. “I will learn from it and we will be a better team because of it.”

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