WWE star released for poor work ethic, multiple-time badly injured champ, plans for major star comeback

Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly rumor roundup, where we’ll take a look at the top rumors from around the world of WWE.

Reports have emerged of recent releases from WWE, and a star was allegedly fired due to his poor work ethic and late arrival to shows. A multiple-time champion would have suffered a serious injury that could keep him on the shelf for a long time. WWE management would be very pleased with a former world champion and credit him for the increase in viewership and ratings.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top WWE rumors from the past week. Be sure to comment and let us know your thoughts and feedback on it.

#5. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon think the former WWE Champion is responsible for the high ratings

Triple H talks about the impact of Bray Wyatt’s return 💯 https://t.co/lgSLOMpHA3

WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon and Chief Content Officer Triple H are said to be extremely pleased with the White Rabbit storyline that ultimately led to Bray Wyatt’s long-awaited return.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that they credited him with the show’s success and high ratings.

“Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque pushed the White Rabbit theme as a huge hit, giving it a 9/23 SmackDown rating. [the best for a show in more than two years except for one show that had an NFL lead-in] the RAW rating of 10/10 and the success of the show Extreme Rules, which increased the number of viewers of the same show by 38% last year,” noted Meltzer.

After weeks of teasing and Easter eggs, the star behind the White Rabbit mystery has been revealed to be Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules 2022. Fans are extremely happy to see Wyatt return.

#4. A potential reason Shinsuke Nakamura was cleared to wrestle outside of WWE

On New Year’s Day, fans will see pro wrestling’s biggest dream match in 2023.2023.1.1ABEMA Presents “NOAH: THE NEW YEAR 2023” at NIPPON BUDOKAN: GREAT MUTA vs. SHINSUKE NAKAMURA#noah_ghc https://t.co/qbkZ4fgKhA

One of the most interesting talking points in the world of professional wrestling is the “forbidden door”. WWE has generally not allowed its wrestlers to compete for other promotions, but a major announcement was recently made about Shinsuke Nakamura competing for Pro Wrestling NOAH and facing the legendary Great Muta.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio noted a few potential reasons why Nakamura was allowed to compete outside of the company.

“There’s two things it could be. One, WWE with the new regime allows guys to do it. There’s never going to be a lot of guys but, maybe guys asking, ‘Hey, let- me maybe do something special apart from the [United] United States with another company, or you just know something really special. They said, ‘Okay, do it.’ Also this Muta, because such a legend and it’s his last games, and it’s like, ‘Hey, I can make one of his last games.’ Anyone from Triple H’s generation, you know Muta was a legend, and he was a big star before and a legend in Japan. I think maybe it’s something really special, and they’ll let it be. It was still a surprise,” Meltzer said.

With Triple H in power, things have changed a lot. Fans are hoping to see more WWE Superstars compete outside of the company, which not too long ago seemed like “no chance in hell!”

#3. Triple H has concrete plans for top star return

Former Universal Champion Kevin Owens has been absent from WWE television for a while now. Earlier reports suggested his comeback was delayed due to Sami Zayn’s storyline with The Bloodline.

However, Steve Carrier of Ringside News reported that there are already “concrete plans” in place for the knockout comeback, but Triple H is biding the time for it:

“Kevin Owens hasn’t been on TV, but WWE hasn’t forgotten about him one bit. In fact, there are concrete plans for his return when the ‘time is right’.”

There has been massive speculation of Kevin Owens reforming his alliance with Sami Zayn and the duo dethroning The Usos as undisputed tag team champions. One of the “Triple H guys” is Kevin Owens, and fans expect the game to reserve him very heavily when he returns.

#2. The multi-time champion suffered a major injury and could be out of action for a long time

Former United States Champion R-Truth appeared on NXT last week, where he took on Grayson Waller. However, his match was abruptly stopped as Truth appeared to have suffered an injury.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Truth ripped his quad, which could keep him out of action for a long time.

“It hasn’t been confirmed at press time but it was believed he tore his quad, which is a very serious injury that could keep him out for a long time.”

R-Truth has been one of the most underrated WWE Superstars on the roster. From his excellent comedic skills to his in-ring abilities, Truth has always managed to make a name for himself and entertain fans. We hope he gets better soon!

#1. WWE star released for poor work ethic

Thank you to all my brothers for the continued love and support ❤️ The journey continues…#30 days https://t.co/PDdB7WHzQc

Last week, WWE released several versions of NXT. While these were initially thought to be routine releases, one of them apparently has more details behind it – Bodhi Hayward. Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Live that Bodhi was said to be a “handful” backstage.

“I guess the easiest way to describe it is apparently Bodhi was a handful. So it wasn’t just ‘well, let’s get rid of that guy’ or whatever. But I’ve heard multiple people saying it wasn’t just ‘we’ I’m going to cut some people, we’re going to cut this person who was right in the middle of a storyline,” Alvarez noted.

Dave Meltzer further reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Bodhi was released due to his work ethic as he reportedly failed to show up in time for events.

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